Surviving the Streets



Any type of bike that can pass tech is welcome for this course especially the Cruiser type bikes but Sport Bikes welcome also.


Tech information for this course:

Surviving the Streets tech – no bike modifications required. Bike must have good tires, no leaks, able to pass an MTO safety inspection at the time of the course.

At tech inspection, they will be checking forks seals, brakes, steering head bearings, driveline, tires etc……

Anyone attending must read and follow the Tech regulations for Bike and Rider except for Surviving the Streets course swap of coolant is not required, tying of stand is not required, taping of lights is not required.


The course Itinerary is as follows:

1:00pm: Tech opens.

3:00pm to 4:45- Classroom

4:45pm to 5:05pm- Break and time to Suit up

5:05pm to 8:00pm-On track

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