Road Course Rentals

  • All events must be pre-booked with 50% deposit to secure dates, when agreement is made of date, the final balance is then due in full 60 days in advance of the date booked. If the date booked is less than 60 days in advance when the agreement is made the entire balance is due upon agreement of date. If multiple dates are booked balance is due 60 days in advance of the first date booked.
  • Cancellation without the approval of Toronto Motorsports Park will result in the loss of Deposit or Full Balance which ever has been paid.
  • All participants, crew, and spectators must read and sign the Toronto Motorsports Park waiver prior to using any facilities.
  • Daily rentals start at 10:00 AM and end at 4:50 PM, you will be charged $300 per hour for overtime use on a fifteen minute basis.
  • All rates apply to non-sponsored events. Sponsored events must be negotiated separately.
  • No subletting of the facilities will be permitted unless previously arranged.
  • No selling or soliciting will be allowed without written permission.
  • Classroom/Boardroom available, $400.00+HST per day.
  • No outside food or catering allowed unless approved by Toronto Motorsports Park. Catering services available upon request.
  • All rentals will require Liability Insurance to be added. Cost will depend on rental if a Day or Evening Session. The cost will be given to client at the time of booking. If the client has their own insurance a copy of their insurance so that our insurance can approve the policy.
  • All rentals are Basic Rentals, if there is any staff or other extras above the basic rental those charges will be quoted and charged upon approval of client.
  • For full facility rentals related to Media Production or Corporate Events, please call 1-866-824-7223 or email us at

Daily rentals are based on 10am to 4:50pm, any hours booked before or after this will be charged the hourly rate dependent on the date of the week. Also if a client starts before booked time or finishes after booked time, without previous approval from management they will be charged extra time based on a full hour for any amount of time before or after rental start & finish.

  • 10am to 4:50pm
  • $5,300
  • 5pm to Dusk
  • $3,200
  • 10am to 4:50pm
  • $6,300
  • 10am to 4:50pm
  • $7,300
  • 5pm to Dusk
  • $3,900

Insurance Required:

  • Daytime: $400
  • Evening: $260

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