Dragstrip Rentals

  • 1 Lane: $600
  • 2 Lane: $1,000
  • 1 Lane: $900
  • 2 Lane: $1,600

Please Note:

There is a cost for Safety and Ambulance, which is required if one participant does 13.99 ET or quicker in the 1/4 Mile.

For any rental over 10 vehicles, a guest list must be provided to track office prior to rental.

Weekday Rentals

11am to 4pm

Basic Track Rental

$1,600 (includes 10 vehicles)

Safety & Ambulance


Weekday rentals are based on 11am to 4pm, any hours booked before or after this will be charged the hourly rate dependent on the date of the week.

If a client starts before booked time or finishes after booked time, without previous approval from management they will be charged extra time based on a full hour for any amount of time before or after rental start & finish.

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