Dragstrip Rentals

  • 1 Lane: $600
  • 2 Lane: $1,000
  • 1 Lane: $900
  • 2 Lane: $1,600

Please Note:

There is a cost for Safety and Ambulance, which is required if one participant does 13.99 ET or quicker in the 1/4 Mile.

For any rental over 10 vehicles, a guest list must be provided to track office prior to rental.

Weekday Rentals

11am to 4pm

Basic Track Rental

$1,600 (includes 10 vehicles)

Extra Vehicles over 10 Included

$70 per vehicle





Weekday rentals are based on 11am to 4pm, any hours booked before or after this will be charged the hourly rate dependent on the date of the week.

If a client starts before booked time or finishes after booked time, without previous approval from management they will be charged extra time based on a full hour for any amount of time before or after rental start & finish.

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