Why Toronto Motorsports Park

Motorsports fans are incredibly passionate and more brand-loyal than any other sports fan. This means Motorsports Marketing gives you the most for your investments so you can make a real impact. Bring your brand to life with a dynamic platform unlike any other.


Toronto Motorsports Park is located less than an hour southwest of the Toronto market and draws participants and fans from several surrounding markets within a 200 km radius including; the Golden Horseshoe, New York State, and Michigan.


Because of the different types of racing track and large numbers of programs offered, Toronto Motorsports Park delivers more types of audiences, more types of demographic, more marketplaces, and more options to activate your sponsorship in the most relevant way possible.


It is one of the oldest dragstrips in continuous operation. Toronto Motorsports Park is sanctioned by the NHRA and brings top names in drag racing to perform at major events, drawing sold-out crowds because many of the feature cars cannot be seen anywhere else in Canada. All the action in drag racing is immediately in front of the grandstands, and signage is in front of the spectators at all times.


We take pride in ensuring our partners receive valuable brand representation through the many marketing options available at our facility. As part of that effort, we provide a report to each of our partners that details the value generated from their programs with Toronto Motorsports Park. We also include general admission or VIP Suit access with all of our partnership options, from signage to event sponsorship, to ensure our partners see their investment in action.


In addition to regular weekly programs, Toronto Motorsports Park offers a wide variety of special interest events and high-profile international racing. The business includes: major events, weekly race programs, training sessions, VIP suites, corporate outings, track rentals, sponsorships, merchandise and food sales, and vendors.


Whether you are seeking a highly visible brand presence through signage or event branding, customer and employee entertainment, putting your products and services into the hands of targeted consumers, or unique corporate events Toronto Motorsports Park will work with you to tailor a plan to your budget and goals.

Track Signage


Make the first and last impression on every racer, spectator, manufacturer, club and organization that enters the facility.


The front of the tower forms the backdrop for all Starting Line and Winner’s Circle photos and videos. Extending the advertiser’s exposure to various forms of media coverage, magazine articles, blogs, and social media postings. The number of signs is limited to five.


Displayed above the top row of spectators seating and at a height that is always visible even when grandstands are full.


Guardrail signs can be placed on either side of the track and are visible from the grandstands and trackside. Signage placements begin at the starting line and extend for 1,320 feet.


Sign placement is just above the illuminated scoreboard that displays the results of every vehicle that goes down the dragstrip. This is the prime signage location and is visible to every spectator in all grandstands, reserved motorhome spots, trackside bar, and VIP Tower. The lane corresponding to your sponsored scoreboard will carry your company name and will be announced as such every time a car goes down the lane. This placement provides constant audio and visual brand exposure.

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