Open Car Lapping

Bring your car to Toronto Motorsports park and test your skills and your vehicle’s performance on the 3km road course.

Beginners, intermediate and advanced are welcome.

Open Car Lapping Schedule

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Daytime Session Pricing


  • 7 days in advance, pre-registered, through the website: $180 & HST
  • 6-2 day in advance, pre-registered, through the website: $200 & HST

Please Note: Online Pre-Registration closes 2 days in advance of the event date. You may still participate by paying directly at the track on the day of (Cash Only)!

After Online Registration closes

Cash Payment at the Track, the day of the event: $220

Evening Session Pricing


  • 7 days in advance, pre-registered, through the website: $110 & HST
  • 6-2 day in advance, pre-registered, through the website: $120 & HST

Please Note: Online Pre-Registration closes 2 days in advance of the event date. You may still participate by paying directly at the track on the day of (Cash Only)!

After Online Registration closes

Cash Payment at the Track, the day of the event: $140

Road Course operates rain or shine from May through October. Check our Social Media’s for additional information on dates outside of these months.

No refunds or exchanges will be given. If a session is cancelled due to weather, rain checks will be issued and will be valid only on the rescheduled date. Mechanical breakdowns are not the responsibility of Toronto Motorsports Park and no refunds, exchanges or rain checks will be granted.

Important Info to know!

  1. Safety should be your number one priority while on the track.
  2. Paddock speed limit is 15 km/hr. No exceptions.
  3. All persons entering the track must read and sign a “Release of Liability” waiver.
  4. Participants must attend the mandatory Driver’s Meeting each track day prior to being permitted on the track. All rules and procedures must be adhered to. Late arriving participants must report to the person in charge of the event for the rules and procedures.
  5. It is the participant’s responsibility to be ready when their group is called to the track.
  6. Helmets are optional for participants with hard-top vehicles.
  7. Helmets are mandatory for participants with soft-top vehicles. Current Snell M or SA 2005 or newer rated helmets are required.
  8. Equal helmet uses for driver/passenger. If the driver or passenger wears a helmet, the corresponding passenger or driver MUST wear one too.
  9. All open top vehicles must have roll-over protection.
  10. All vehicles must be equipped with operable seat belts in good condition.
  11. All vehicles must run with the driver’s and passenger windows up or down.
  12. Interior of vehicle must be clean and cleared of all loose items, debris and floor mats.
  13. Vehicle noise not to exceed 103db when tested 5 metres away.
  14. All vehicles must be mechanically fit.
  15. No alcohol or controlled substances may be consumed by any participant during the event.
  16. No medications that may impair a participant’s ability to operate their car should be consumed prior to or during the event.
  17. Toronto Motorsports Park is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  1. Paddock speed limit is 15 km/hr. No exceptions.
  2. All persons operating a motorized auxiliary vehicle, including 2, 3, & 4 wheel ATV’s and scooters, must be at least 16 years of age and possess a valid driver’s license.
  3. Skateboards, roller blades, and bicycles are prohibited in the paddock area.
  4. Do not drive stakes into the ground in the paddock.
  5. Participants must remove all tires from the track. Failure to remove tires from the track will result in increased entry fees for future events.
  6. Electrical power is not available unless arrangements are made with the track prior to an event day. Do not hook up to electrical outlets without the approval of the track.
  7. Water is available from the spigot adjacent to the washrooms/showers. Do not connect hoses to the faucets. Use water only as necessary and be considerate of the other participant’s pits, as drainage is problematic. Water is not potable.
  8. There are no power/water hooks up’s available at the track. However, a designated campground is located on the right side of the dragway. Self contained motorhomes and haulers will be permitted in the pits if a 2 or more day event.
  1. The first and most important rule for the lapping sessions is to remember these are driving sessions – not a race! There are no positions and no prize money or trophies. If you are driving erratic, competitively, or in violation of the rules and procedures, you will be ejected from the track and facility with no refund.
  2. Track will not provide any official lap times during lapping sessions.
  3. There shall be no contact between cars at any time.
  4. Do not stop unless disabled on track.
  5. Do not tailgate another car.
  6. Do not group together on the track.
  7. Do not block faster cars that are closing on you.
  8. Watch your mirrors, as you must signal faster cars by you.
  9. If you suspect serious mechanical problems while on the track, pull off the track slowly and await assistance. If you can continue, do so slowly and return to the pit area. Get off line and use hand signals and flashers to indicate that you have a problem while returning to the pits.
  10. If it starts to rain, slow down to a speed below that at which you know you can drive safely in the wet. The sessions will continue in the rain unless the track becomes unsafe to continue.
  11. If you spin, run off track, or make contact with another car, you must report to the pits prior to continuing the session.
  12. Windows all up or down.
  13. Helmets optional for hard-top vehicles, mandatory for soft-tops.
  1. 1. Passing will only be allowed in four areas on the track – on the front straight, straight between corners 1 and 2, straight between corners 5 and 6, and straight between corners 6 and 7.
  2. Passes on the straights must be made offline, on the driver’s right for the first two areas and left for the second two.
  3. There shall be no passing at any other point on the track.
  4. There shall be no passing during red, yellow, and/or black flag conditions.
  5. All passing in the four designated areas shall be with the use of the vehicle’s turn signals or if unavailable, hand signals to direct the passing car safely around the car being passed.
  6. Do not move off line when being passed, stay the course.
  7. Ensure that you have plenty of time, space and horsepower to complete your maneuver.
  8. Once you have signalled a pass, do not try to out horsepower an overtaking car, allow them to pass safely by easing off the throttle if necessary.
  9. Failure to comply with the passing rules will result in you being black-flagged and removed for that session.
  1. A two spin rule will be enforced for all track sessions.
  2. After the first incident, the participant will be black-flagged (see Flags) to come into the pits. In the pits, the participant will be counseled and advised that should this happen again the participant will be brought off the track and not allowed to drive for the remainder of the day.
  3. If any participant spins their car or leaves the track with all 4 wheels two times in one event day, they will be required to leave for the day on the second incident.
  1. All participants involved in an accident must report the accident to the track immediately.
  2. All participants will be liable for any damages caused to any personal or real property.
  3. Any repairs to the track necessary due to damages caused by a participant are the responsibility of that participant. This includes, but is not limited to, damages to guardrail, barrier walls, asphalt, grass, dirt or concrete surfaces, grandstands, fencing, buildings, and portable toilets.

Entering the Track – Pull your car up to the end of pit lane. Follow the instructions of the Pit Marshall and stay to the right of the track as you accelerate up to speed. Use your mirrors to see if you are being overtaken before you attempt to leave the right lane.

Exiting the Track – Track exit during a session is on driver’s right to the hot pit. When you want to exit from the track into the pit lane, extend your left arm upward, out of the window, in a fist, or if the window is up, four-way flashers, prior to your exit from the track. Track exit after a session is after the carousel at turn 14. Keep right and extend your left arm upward, out of the window, in a fist, prior to your exit from the track. Proceed to the paddock.

GREENDisplayed at the start of the driving session, and during restarts. This signals a clear track for driving activities to take place on.

YELLOWSignals a caution, which indicates that drivers should slow down to a significantly reduced speed. Debris on the track or a stopped vehicle are typically the chief culprits for this flag.

REDSignifies the race must be stopped immediately, regardless of the cars’ position on the track. This is usually for safety reasons and must be adhered to without fault.

BLACKThink of the black flag as the “consultation flag.” Whichever driver is given the black flag must return to pit road immediately for counselling and advisement by Toronto Motorsports Park staff. Common examples include dropping debris on the track, dangerous or reckless driving, spinning out, or generally not adhering to the rules and regulations of the driving activity you are taking part in.

WHITEShown when the driving session has one lap remaining.

CHECKEREDThis indicates that the driving session has concluded.

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