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Course History

TMP 3km Road Course

Mr. Uli Bieri of Toronto purchased the dragway in 1997. Throughout his business career Bieri always had a passion for racing; in the 1980's and 90's he raced professionally. In the year 2000 a 3 km Road Course was built and the track was designed so it could be configured in different ways to suit driver skills from novice to pro. Safety was the first concern in designing and building the track - the course is flat and provides plenty of run off area. The track was closed for a short time while noise studies were carried out and noise mitigation designed including an extensive system of noise berms being constructed. In 2001 the track name was changed to Toronto Motorsports Park and we developed lapping days for cars and motorcycles, and introduced a variety of instruction programs.

The objectice of Toronto Motorsports Park remains to encourage people to enjoy motorsports, but to do so in a controlled and safe environment. On-track practice and instruction not only provide the opportunity to experience the potential of their vehicles, but also develop skills that make on-road driving and riding safer.

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Road Course At Toronto Motosports Park

Open Car Lapping

Have you ever dreamed of what it would be like to take your own car around the track? Well you can! And it's easier than you think. All you need is to get your vehicle and yourself out to Toronto Motorsports Park. You're welcome to come out and participate in any Test & Tune Program, and if you have what it takes, there are various Bracket Series events and other programs which your vehicle will fit into.

Come out and test your skills and your vehicles performance. Once you arrive at the gates, and pay your Test & Tune entry fee, you will receive a tech card and one of our staff will direct you to the tech area.  

Once there, your vehicle will have to pass a basic tech inspection (see below). Once you've passed the tech inspection you will be directed to the staging lanes. Once you've reached the starting line, you've got 1320 feet to see what you can do.

Road Course At Toronto Motosports Park

Exotic Dream Car Experience

The Dream Car program will run on our road racing circuit and provides you with an opportunity to drive an exotic dream car of your choice from the list below in a safe and controlled environment.

Between registration, security briefing, discovery laps, car briefing, driving, and sign off, you can expect to be at the event for approximately 2 1/2 hours. The actual driving time on the road course will depend on your skill level and the number of laps you purchase.

Anyone with a driver’s license can register! The driver’s license does not need to be from Ontario – but must still be valid at time of drive. Drivers with a G1 or G2 driver’s license can take part as long as track waiver is signed. 


Exotic Car Selection:

Lamborghini Gallardo – Tiptronic Transmission

Ferrari F430 F1 - Tiptronic Transmission

Porsche 997 Turbo – Manual Transmission


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Exotic car racing at Toronto Motorsport Park

Exotic Car Lapping

Spend a day in your own car on the 3km road racing circuit!



Pre-registration:  $200+HST

Registration at Track:  $250+HST

Instruction is available for an additional $75+HST


Exotic Car Lapping Information:

Open to “Exotic Cars” only!

Safe, controlled environment to have fun and improve your driving skills, and develop advanced car control techniques

Drivers are grouped according experience and skill level

Professional instruction available to assess and enhance your driving technique

Registration is limited

Fee includes lunch for driver and one guest

Sponsorship at the Toronto Motosport Park

Advanced Driver Training


Pre-registration: $170 plus HST

Registration at Track: $200 plus HST

Instruction is an additional $75 plus HST


2016 Schedule Coming Soon


Motorcycles at Toronto Motosports Park

Motorcycle Racing

Motorcycle racing and advanced motorcycle riding courses are available at Toronto Motorsports Park.

The training course helps riders of all levels develop the skills required to deal with the everyday challenges of riding. 

Course Material Covers:

  • Counter Steering
  • Throttle Steering
  • Cornering Techniques
  • Cornering Lines
  • Emergency Braking
  • Incident Avoidance


Become a Better and Safer Rider:

Many motorcycle accidents can be attributed to rider error.  With the proper instruction and training dangerous situations can be avoided.

The course is held held on a 3km road course.  It provides a safe environment to develop and practise skills discussed in the classroom.

Our 4:1 student to instructor ratio means that all participants receive the necessary attention to progress at their own pace and develop confidence in handling the hazards of the road.

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