Road Course 1


Uli Bieri of Toronto purchased the facility, which only housed the dragway at the time, in 1997. Throughout his business career Bieri always had a passion for racing, doing so professionally throughout the 1980’s and 90’s, which gave him the vision to build a road course at the 480 acre facility. In the year 2000 that vision became reality when a 3.0 kilometre Road Course was built. The track was designed so it could be operated in 3.0 km, 1.8 km and 1.2 km configurations to suit driver skills from novice to pro. Safety was the first concern in designing and building the track which led to the creation of a flat course which provides plenty of run off area. In 2001 the track name was changed to Toronto Motorsports Park and lapping days for cars and motorcycles, as well as a variety of instructional programs were introduced, all of which continue today.

The objective of Toronto Motorsports Park remains to encourage people to enjoy motorsports, but to do so in a controlled and safe environment. On-track practice and instruction not only provide the opportunity to experience the potential of their vehicles, but also to develop skills that make on-road driving and riding safer.

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