Bring your car to Toronto Motorsports park and test your skills and your vehicles performance on the 3km road course.

Beginners, intermediate and advanced.

New to track days call 1-866-824-RACE (7223) for additional information.

Instruction is available upon request.


The scheduled season for the Roadcourse for Open Car Lapping has been completed.
At this time and moving forward through the winter months we will decide each week if we will open for Open Car Lapping or Winter Car Lapping (when there is snow). 
Sometimes this decision will be made very quickly, due to this, if we intend to open it will be posted only on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, not here on the website.
It could be posted a couple of days before or just a day before the date that is announced.
Thanking everyone for a great season and hope to see you during the winter months but if not be safe and see you in the Spring 2022.