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Motorcycle Lapping – Regular


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MAY 18, 2019, MAY 19, 2019, JUNE 15, 2019, JUNE 16, 2019, JUNE 29, 2019, JUNE 30, 2019, JULY 21, 2019, AUG 3, 2019, AUG 4, 2019, AUG 31, 2019, SEPT 1, 2019, SEPT 22, 2019


Motorcycle Lapping – Vintage

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SEPT 21, 2019


Many motorcycle accidents can be attributed to rider error. With the proper instruction and training, dangerous situations may be avoided.

The course is held on our 3 km road course. It provides a safe environment to develop and practice skills discussed during the classroom session.

Our 4:1 student to instructor ratio means that all participants receive the necessary attention to progress at their own pace and develop confidence on and off the track. These comprehensive training programs help riders of all levels develop the skills required to deal with the everyday challenges of riding.

Surviving the Streets


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