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Dragway at Toronto Motosports Park

About Drag Racing

A drag race is an acceleration contest, on a track, or dragstrip, that begins from a standing start between two vehicles over a measured distance. A drag racing event is a series of such two-vehicle, tournament-style eliminations. The losing racer in each contest is eliminated, and the winning racers progress until one remains.

These contests are started by means of an electronic device commonly called a Christmas Tree because of its multicolored starting lights. On each side of the Tree are seven lights: two small amber lights at the top of the fixture, followed in descending order by three larger LED lights, a green bulb, and a red bulb.

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Dragway at Toronto Motosports Park

Race Your Own Car

Have you ever dreamed of what it would be like to take your own car down the drag strip? Well you can! And it's easier than you think. All you need is to get your vehicle and yourself out to Toronto Motorsports Park. You're welcome to come out and participate in any Test & Tune Program, and if you have what it takes, there are various Bracket Series events and other programs which your vehicle will fit into.

Come out and test your skills and your vehicles performance. Once you arrive at the gates, and pay your Test & Tune entry fee, you will receive a tech card and one of our staff will direct you to the tech area.  

Once there, your vehicle will have to pass a basic tech inspection (see Tech Basics). Once you've passed the tech inspection you will be directed to the staging lanes.  Once you've reached the starting line, you've got 1320 feet to see what you can do.

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Road Course At Toronto Motosports Park

Jr Drag

Junior Drag Racing offers kids ages 5 – 18 a chance to race half-scale dragsters in a controlled and safe environment before they are able to obtain an Ontario driver’s license.

In order to compete, membership is required.

These Junior Dragsters and are half-scale versions of Top Fuel dragsters; using a five-horsepower, single-cylinder engine, they can go as fast as 85 mph and as quick as 7.90 seconds in an eighth-mile.

Competition with Junior Dragsters is equalized by a handicapped starting system, and classes are usually split into age groups, which helps keep racers of the same skill level together. These events are contested on an 1/8 mile format on an ET dial your own format or a pre-set index on a heads up breakout basis.

This class is designed to help build the ranks of tomorrow's stars by generating a starting point for young competitors to learn the basics of drag racing while also creating a fun experience for the whole family.

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