All Out Live Call Out

James & Laurie Fields

James and Lori Shields our story ! Grew up at the drag strip with my father racing his daily  driver the last race he ever ran was at Toronto motorsports park. My wife and I met in high school our first date was at a race track after I was late picking her up and missed the movie we were going to see she was hooked. My first car was a 1967 Beaumont and my wife and I as teenagers spent our first summer out of high school rebuilding it together I even went on a fishing trip ounce and came back and found her at the shop sanding and priming it. She had been working on it the whole time I was gone, I knew right then I found a keeper. That car got sold to help pay the bills but  we bought a front engine sling shot dragster the second year we were married and travelled around Ontario and Michigan racing, our home track at the time was Ubly Michigan we travelled in a group of 10 racers called ourselves the Canadian invasion. we were a big family and as such when my wife and I expanded our family with our first child the whole convoy would pull over to the side of the road for her to get sick from morning sickness then continue on to the race track when our daughter was born we would heat her bottles up on the header of the dragster. When at the track her swimming pool was an oil drain bucket. As our family grew we sold the car and went into retirement until our third child our son was 7 and  put him in a circle car up through the ranks until he was 18 and had to move out east for work. I drove the stock car for three races to finish a sponsorship deal when my wife looked at me and her exact word were (why don’t we sell all this sh@##%T and go back drag racing) so we did. After a long search we had found another 1967 Beaumont and started racing. This car has slowly morphed into an alcohol powered chevy 355 CID race vehicle. It has been over thirty years since I last raced at Toronto motor sports park and I am looking forward to making the program and having a great weekend with my wife by my side as she has been for over 37 years and I never race without her.

Justin Boileau

1993 Mazda b2200 pickup with a turbo ls swap. I bought a Mazda b2200 when I was 15 to build as a mini truck. I worked at an automotive repair shop at the time. one of the mechanics told me I should put a v8 into it. Not knowing how to do this I started to learn. I broke many parts learning, but I learned a lot. throughout the years I did lots of reading and learning. as I got older and learned more I wanted to improve what I started with. So I bought another Mazda for $500. where I live in northern Ontario these trucks are all rotten and left for dead. I also bought an extended cab so I could fit my young daughter so we can go to the car shows. with not having lots of money I built the engine to run on pump gas. I get a lot of enjoyment as well as my family being able to drive the truck on the road anytime. I have always tried to push further and further with the knowledge at my disposal living 7 hours from a drag strip. as of now the truck has been a 9.74 @ 3700# on pump gas. i love being able to beat up on all out drag cars with my truck and support the low budget do it yourselfers.

Paul Coull

Paul Coull and Billy Dinnen will be racing each other for the first time on the Friday night . Long time friends but have never raced each other before!

Billy Dinnen

Billy Dinnen and Paul Coull will be racing each other for the first time on the Friday night . Long time friends but have never raced each other before!


Racing to compete for a spot to race the USA Street Outlaws.

Ron Fountain

Racing to compete for a spot to race the USA Street Outlaws.

Ryan Murphy

Racing to compete for a spot to race the USA Street Outlaws.

Rex Wilson

A 1999 GMC Sonoma fully caged ladder bar all out drag truck, not street, although was originally used as a automotive garage fleet truck, turned drag truck, many years prior. Bought it last year as a roller, built and installed a new 406 sbc race motor with a powerglide,  and bracket raced it all last summer and this summer 2018. My best et. was 10.32 with a 1.45 60 ft. in the 1/4 mile. No power adders and weighs 2730 lbs . I started racing at the track around 2010 after being influenced by Pinks All Out TV show back in the day, I did race in the last Pinks All Out arm drop at TMP in 2011, TMP is my home track. Note: Raced a  12 sec.1980 Mercury Capri before getting the 99 Sonoma.

Jeff Van Beek

My truck is a 95 S10. I originally built it in 2009 for arm drop live, the truck was built in approximately 4 months! the truck participated twice, but was never chosen for the event. The truck was parked for 5 years due too a divorce and a blown up engine. My kids would not let me sell it, thankfully! I have since redone the engine and transmission!

John Poretti

I have been racing bikes for 30 years I am 54 years old. I am a motorcycle mechanic. I build my engines and help out many racers with their engine builds. A few years back I set the Canadian record 7.741 @ 189.9 mph that was when the bike was turbo charged now it’s all motor and runs in the low 8’s. I have never really liked bracket racing for me it’s heads up all out.

Wayne Kennedy

Hi. Wayne Kennedy here.  In 2008 we attended Rich Christensen’s Armdrop Live at Toronto Motorsports Park.  After almost missing the bump of 256 cars, we went 9 rounds to win the $10K grand prize.  It was and still is the biggest accomplishment of our drag racing involvement.  After racing our 1970 Pontiac GTO Judge for 1 more season, we debuted our new 70 GTO back half race car (a Judge Tribute to our real Judge) in 2010. Tyler Caughill and I are looking forward to participating in the All Out Live at TMP in August and hope to have both cars at the event. Thanks Wayne and Tyler, Kennedy Caughill Pontiac Racing.

Matt Botbyl

Just taking a few minutes to drop a line quickly to tell you about my car. It was an official police issue 9C1. It came with the factory LT1 350 Gen II small block. I went out and purchased it the minute I found out at my wife’s ultra sound that we were going to have a boy. Finally, after 2 girls!

Over the years, together with my son as he grew up, we modified the car a little at a time. It has really helped keep a common interest with my son. We started racing it about 6 years ago. In this time that we live in, so many people and families are so busy with the digital era or working to survive that the times of families spending time together socializing is really diminishing. Having the car and a hobby that we both enjoy has given us our own time to be together. Every summer my son and I pick a new track to try out and compete at. We don’t necessarily ever win, but the time alone together is worth even more. I have kept a collection of pictures yearly and it is a joy to see the changes in him! Racing is something we both have in our blood and having events like All Out Live gives us that opportunity to say it is our own time!

Shawn Beaumont 

I am a 41 years old , I am racing to try and break the stigma of mental illness I was diagnosed with bipolar in my early 30’s and have had quite a tough time getting medical treatment with huge waiting times, 18 months the see a new psychiatrist this motivated me to start my IG page bipolarracing345rt to try and raise awareness and show others with mental illness that you can accomplish anything if you put in the effort . I plan on doing car shows at my shop to raise money for the local Mental health center at the Hospital our first show will be August 25th . My late Father is the reason I love cars and I have his keychain epoxied to my cold air intake , He had a duster with a 340 in it , he had a 89 5.0 foxbody mustang and a few other cool cars growing up I used to love cruising with him with the tunes cranked and me and my son Kaleb go cruising all the time now and he really likes hanging out with his dad . My car is a 2009 Dodge Challenger RT with some bolt ons I Intake, exhaust and tune and a 100 shot nitrous Express kit, I really hope to put my car into the low 10-second range and build a jr dragster for my boy to start racing soon. I am a detailer at a Ford dealership cars are my passion I like everything from a stance out Honda that works to a Koenigsegg and everything in between I prefer to drive Mopars but don’t hate on others builds. I have my own shop where I detail heavy equipment I’m working on a Peterbilt drag truck this week, we hope to have a full-speed shop and do custom builds for people in the shop .hopefully this is what you are looking for I will send a couple pictures of my car with this.

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