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Exotic Dream Car Experience

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Exotic Dream Car Experience

Toronto Motorsports Park


The program will run on our road racing circuit and provides you with an opportunity to drive an exotic dream car of your choice from the list below in a safe and controlled environment.

Between registration, security briefing, discovery laps, car briefing, driving, and sign off, you can expect to be at the event for approximately 2 1/2 hours. The actual driving time on the road course will depend on your skill level and the number of laps you purchase.


Anyone with a driver’s license can register! The driver’s license does not need to be from Ontario – but must still be valid at time of drive. Drivers with a G1 or G2 driver’s license can take part as long as track waiver is signed.


The Program:

  • Registration and welcoming
  • Racing and safety classroom instruction with racing lines, braking and accelerating zones and shifting areas
  • Two discovery laps as a passenger in our pace car to present the track layout.
  • Your exotic driving experience as a driver, with an instructor in the passenger seat.


Exotic Car Selection:

Lamborghini Gallardo – Tiptronic Transmission

Ferrari F430 F1 - Tiptronic Transmission

Porsche 997 Turbo – Manual Transmission

Regular Price: 1 lap $249 +HST • 2 laps $299 +HST • 3 laps $419 +HST  • 4 laps $529 +HST 
Currently on sale for: 1 lap $119 +HST • 2 laps $149 +HST • 3 laps $199 +HST  • 4 laps $249 +HST 

Passenger Packages  (Available in PORSCHE ONLY):

1 lap $53 +HST • 2 laps $89 +HST • 3 laps $115 +HST

To purchase a package Click Here

Attention: Our system does not accept Visa/Debit Bank Cards

Once your order has been processed you will be provided with a confirmation number.  Use that confirmation number to schedule your track day.  

2016 Dates:

  • Saturday April 23
  • Sunday April 24
  • Monday April 25
  • Friday May 27
  • Saturday May 28



To schedule your track day Click Here



Documents & Personal Requirements:

Remember to bring a printed version of your voucher(if bought from a reseller) and your driver’s license. (International licenses accepted.)Without both of these you will not be able to participate. Wear comfortable clothing and closed running shoes. No high heels, sandals or work/steel toed boots.


What is your inclement weather policy?

The experience will go ahead even if the weather is not perfect, but the track can cancel the event if weather is deemed to be a threat to safety. You will be able to reschedule for another date.


I bought a three lap package. Can I try each car?

Currently it is one package per car. Extra laps are available if you’d like to try more cars afterwards though!


What If I absolutely can’t get enough and want to buy more laps?

You will have an opportunity to buy extra laps in any one of the vehicles once you complete your session for a discounted price at the registration booth!


How can I relive the experience?

Cameras are mounted on all of our exotic vehicles to capture your Exotic DreamCar Experience from both the driver’s seat and from outside the car. When registering you will be given an SD card, upon leaving you will be offered the chance take home your experience on DVD. The SD card MUST be returned upon finishing your driving experience in exchange for your driver’s license. Please note that the fee for a lost SD card is $50.


Are taxes included?

Resellers (WagJag, Groupon, etc) do not charge taxes on the vouchers and we will collect them at the track. There is an ATM machine located in the tower. If you have bought directly from us they are included.


Can another person ride with the driver?

No, the only people in the car are the driver and the instructor. However there is plenty of viewing room and a concession stand for family and friends!


The person I want to buy this for doesn’t have a license or it too young – but would love the experience! What are my options?

You can still buy the package and they will be used as “Hot Laps.” An instructor will drive instead of the participant so they still get to experience the ride of a lifetime!


Can you accommodate large groups?

Of course! Whether you are looking to plan a corporate outing, a party, or just have a lot of friends we can accommodate. Please call the track to schedule a time instead of booking online.


Are there any height or weight restrictions?

Although some taller people might feel a little tight, there are no restrictions on height or weight.


Can I cancel or reschedule?

Although we do not provide refunds, you may however rebook if the original date no longer works for you. Rebookings are accepted up until two weeks before your date. After this we are no longer able to move timeslots around and a $40.00 admin fee will be charged to reschedule. If you can no longer attend the experience, feel free to transfer it to another person.


We look forward to seeing you and hope you have a great experience at the track!